About us

What is Purotrip? 


Purotrip is a new concept for those travellers that aims to visit Spain and Portugal in a different way.

Learn about our approach, what makes us different from the rest. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of the most bold, conservative or discerning travellers.


A different approach…

- New, original ideas: it’s our deep knowledge of our destinations and the best collaborators that allows us to amaze the most discerning travellers.


 - I’m a Purotrip traveller! We know that one traveller’s experience is another traveller’s inspiration. For that reason, we offer you a space to share your photos and experiences, and we gratify you with rewards redeemable in more than 90.000 hotels worldwide.


- The best offers from the best, selected firms


- A search engine for unique, charming hotels.


- Tailor-made trips, for those who look for a complete experience, leaving all the details to our expertise travel agents. Every trip is different!


Our history


Purotrip is the outcome our years of intense experience with Puro Travel, a travel agency aimed at discerning travellers looking for unique experiences in Spain and Portugal.


Puro Travel’s adventure started in 2010, out of the passion and drive of curious travellers looking for different experiences, unique and unforgettable events, those we would like to be provided with.


The great results and complimentary reviews of our travellers through these years, and our collaboration with the best purveyors, have encouraged us to improve the travelling experience and inspired us to look for new formulas to keep on amazing those travellers who aim to discover Spain and Portugal in their own manner and with the most original suggestions.


Purotrip is the result of our passion to keep on travelling in a unique way.