Legal Information & Privacy Policy

Legal Information & Privacy Policy



Last revision: December, 27, 2016.


This document consists of 10 sections:

  1. Identification data
  2. Objective
  3. Web use
  4. Web security
  5. Linking policy
  6. Intellectual property copyright
  7. Minors
  8. Limitation of liability
  9. Jurisdiction and applicable laws.
  10. Basic concepts and changes in the terms of use



Domain name (in the internet):, hereinafter, Purotrip.

Business name: PURO TRAVEL S.L.

CIF: B98450489

Adress: C/Taquígrafo Martí, 18-9, 46005 Valencia (Valencia)


Phone: 637561954

Registration details: Commercial Registry of Valencia, hereinafter, the HOLDER



THE WEB’S objective is to inform the user about the trips offered by the firm, and to provide the booking service for these trips. To learn about each trip’s detailed characteristics, select each individual product in the website. If you wish to contact us, you can reach us by the following means:

  1. By postal service, in the address mentioned above
  2. By email, in the following address:
  3. By phone, in the following number: 637561954


Access to the website is free, save for the cost of the connection through the telecommunication network contracted with an Internet service provider by the USER.


  • WEB USE provides access to a variety of information and services (from now on “contents”) which belong to THE HOLDER. The user takes responsibilities for his use of the web. Said responsibility includes the registrations which are necessary to access certain services or contents. In said registrations, the user takes responsibility for providing true and fair information. The user undertakes to make right use of the contents and services the HOLDER offers in its website, and not to use them for –including but not limited to- (I) commit illicit or illegal activities, or activities contrary to good faith, or public nuisance; (II) spread racist, xenophobic or pornographic-illegal contents, or contents advocating terrorism, or undermining of human rights; (III) cause damage to physical and logical systems owned by the HOLDER, or by the HOLDER’s suppliers, or by third parties, introduce o spread in the web computer viruses or any other logical or physical systems which might provoke the above mentioned damages; (IV) attempt to access to, and, if so, to use other users’ email accounts, modifying or manipulating their messages. The HOLDER reserves the right to withdraw those comments and contributions which infringe respect for personal dignity, which are discriminating, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, which are damaging to children, public order and security, or which, in its opinion, are not suitable for publication for not being related with its objective. In any case, the HOLDER, as administrator of its web, will act diligently as soon as it has knowledge of acts committed against the HOLDER’s professional ethics, image and reputation, as well as against the present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The HOLDER reserves the right to deny at its discretion, at any given time, and without previous notice, the access to this website or to any part of it.



The WEB uses information security techniques commonly accepted in the industry, such as firewalls, access control and cryptographic mechanisms, on behalf of avoiding non-authorized access to the data. In order to achieve these goals, the USER accepts that the provider will obtain data for the purpose of the pertinent authentication in access controls.



Linked websites are not controlled by the HOLDER, and the HOLDER is not responsible for the contents of any of the linked websites, nor for the links found in any of the linked websites, nor for any changes or updates in said websites. The HOLDER only provides these links as a convenience for you, and the inclusion of a link does not imply the HOLDER’s approval of the linked website.



The website, its source code, design, navigation structure, databases, and the different elements which form the website (texts, graphics, pictures, photographs, samples and the materials featured in them, industrial technologies, files, logos, combinations of colors, and whatever elements subject to protection) are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights owned by PURO TRAVEL S.L.

The USER is authorized to reproduce, visualize, print, link and/or download partially the WEB contents only if complying with ALL of the following requirements:

  1. That they are compatible with the WEB’s objective.
  2. That they are not used for commercial purposes unconnected to the OWNER.
  3. That any of the WEB contents are not altered in any way.
  4. That any graphic, photograph or image available on the WEB are not used, copied or distributed separately from the text or from the other images that they appear with.
  5. That the URL information (or link) of the website from where the information has been taken, or of Purotrip in its absence, is included always and prominently.

The WEB’s USER will refrain from deleting, modifying, avoiding or manipulating any of the protection devices or security systems included in the different elements that make it up (graphics, images, photographs, samples and the materials featured in them, files, logos, etc.)

Access to the WEB does not entail cession, transmission or any other type of renunciation of industrial or intellectual property rights.

Use of distinctive signs (trademarks, brand names) is not permitted without express permission from the legal owners.

The HOLDER reserves the right to modify, delete and/or update the information and elements featured in the WEB, its configuration and/or appearance, at any given time, and without prior notice.



PURO TRAVEL S.L. is aware that Internet is a medium accessible to minors. Minors, with the exception of those who have become emancipated (art. 314 of Civil Code), can’t enter into an Internet trade contract (art. 1263 of Civil Code). Purotrip will not collect personal information pertaining to minors knowingly. Parents are advised to inform their sons about the correct use of the Internet, and to explain to them how information is collected and transmitted in websites.



The USER undertakes not to use the website and the services offered in it to commit illegal activities, and to respect the present general terms, restraining from using the website WWW.PUROTRIP.COM in any way that may hamper, harm or damage its normal functioning, the goods or rights of the HOLDER, or those of other users, or those of any third party.

Specifically, and not implying any kind of restriction on the compliance of the general obligations assumed by the USER according to the previous section, in his use of the web, the USER undertakes to:

  • Not to introduce, store in or spread from the website, contents or advertising of racist, xenophobic, pornographic and/or sexist nature, or undermining of human rights or which advocate terrorism, or to act in prejudice of the rights of privacy, honor, of one’s own image or against people’s dignity.
  • Not to introduce, store in or spread from the website, computer viruses or any other hardware or software which might cause damage to the USER’s or to third party’s computer equipment.
  • Not to introduce, store in or spread from the website, false, improper or inexact statements or references about the website, the products and/or services of the HOLDER.

The HOLDER will not be responsible for:

  • Regarding the improper use of the service – the USER must make good use of the service provided to him, and the HOLDER will not take liability for any improper use of it.
  • Regarding the opinions and contents – the HOLDER will not take direct or subsidiary liability for the opinions or contents expressed in the messages.
  • Regarding possible technical shortcomings – the FIRM will not take liability in any case for alterations in the service produced by failure of the electrical grid, of the data connection network, or of the server providing said service.
  • Regarding third party websites’ contents – the HOLDER will take no liability for the information and other contents found in third party websites which are accessible from the WEB.

The HOLDER is continually investing in technological devices aimed to minimize risks against viruses and similar damaging software, as well as against contents not allowed in his information systems. Nevertheless, the USER must be aware that he should take his own security measures in order to avoid damages caused by unauthorized software, viruses, Trojans, and any type of software under the denomination of malware, exempting the HOLDER from all liability that might be derived from malware contained in the files available in this web.

Insofar as the use of the WEB may entail treatment of personal data, we beg you to read carefully our privacy policy on this subject.

The HOLDER reserves the right to change, at any given time and without prior notice, the present General Conditions, as well as any Special Conditions that might be included, by publishing said changes in the website, so that the users can take notice of them. In the event that any clause of the present document is declared null, the other clauses will remain valid and will be interpreted considering the parties’ will and the ultimate purpose of the present conditions.

The HOLDER will take no liability if it does not have actual knowledge that the activity or information it recommends, or directs to, is illegal, or damaging to goods or rights belonging to a third party and subject to compensation, or if once it has the knowledge, it acts with diligence to eliminate or render the link in question useless.



The present Conditions of Use are ruled by Spanish Laws. The competent court to resolve any controversy or conflict derived from the present general conditions is the Court of Valencia. The USER expressively waives any other jurisdiction that might be applicable.



The HOLDER will pursue non-compliance with the present terms of use as well as any inadequate of its web, taking all the legal measures that may be applicable.

Occasionally, these Terms of Use can be revised in order to update changes in the current laws, update our collecting and use of information procedures, the emergence of new services, or the exclusion of others. These changes will become valid once they have been published on the web, so it’s important that you check these Terms of Use regularly, in order to remain informed on changes.



Last revision: December, 27, 2016.


This document consists of 8 sections:


  1. Introduction
  2. Personal information collected in the web
  3. Use of personal information collected in the web
  4. Assignment of personal data
  5. Personal data protection (LOPD)
  6. Obligations of users
  7. Social network presence
  8. Other





This Privacy Policy describes the rules and procedures related to the request, collection, treatment, storage and use of personal information, and is applicable to the services offered by PURO TRAVEL S.L. is an internet domain owned by PURO TRAVEL S.L. with registered address at C/Taquígrafo Martí, 18-9, 46005 Valencia (Valencia).


The expressions “”, “purotrip”, “we”, “us”, “platform”, “the web”, “PURO TRAVEL S.L.” and “the site” used in this Privacy Policy make reference to PURO TRAVEL S.L. (hereinafter, the HOLDER).


Register on Purotrip and the use of the services offered in it implies acceptance of this Policy Privacy by the user (hereinafter the USER). Occasionally, this Privacy Policy may be reviewed in order to update changes in current legislation, update our procedures of personal information request, collection, treatment and use, the emergence of new services, or the exclusion of others. These changes will become valid once they have been published on the web, so it’s important that you check these Terms of Use regularly, in order to remain informed on changes.


Purotrip is a web platform owned by PURO TRAVEL S.L. which purpose is to inform the user about the trips offered by the firm, and to provide the booking service for those trips. Each trip’s characteristics are detailed by selecting each individual product o the web. If you wish to contact us, you can reach us by the following means:

  1. By postal service, in the address mentioned above
  2. By email, in the following address:
  3. By phone, in the following number:


If you have any question or doubt about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us by email to


Even so, we reserve the right to research any content that might infringe upon this Privacy Policy, as well as the wrong, inappropriate and illegal use of the Conditions of Use described in the web.




In order to complete the purchasing process, send the product, issue the corresponding invoice, and provide help with any event or enquiry from our customers, the following personal data will be requested prior to the placing of the order.


  1. Name, surname, email, phone, country, address, zip code, town/city, province and an alternative mailing address (all of them are compulsory fields)


The confirmation of a booking in Purotrip implies that you are the actual contractor and you are not impersonating anybody. The data provided must be real and true. In the case that from Purotrip we detect data that are fraudulent, or that infringe this Privacy Policy, we shall take the appropriate measures, transmitting the data to the relevant authorities.




Purotrip will use your personal information according to this Privacy Policy only, and, as a general rule, will ask for your permission to use your personal information for any purpose different to those they were initially provided for.


The main purpose of collecting your personal information is to manage the data of the users/customers who book trips through the website and their communication with the purveyors that offer their services; customer service and commercial contact by electronic mail. We remind you that Purotrip acts as a broker between the customer and the purveyor in the purchase and booking of trips, therefore the pertinent payments will be managed by the purveyor through its platform. Hence, Purotrip will accept no liability in the booking of services by the customer from the purveyor.


Purotrip will use your personal data for the purposes mentioned above. Likewise, Purotrip will keep you informed about its products, news, promotions and new offers by email, to the provided email address. If, at any given time, you decide to stop receiving these commercial communications by electronic mail you can notify us, by email, in compliance of article 21.2 of Law 34/2002, from July 11 on Information Society services and electronic commerce.


Purotrip, through its web, does not sell, hire, share or distribute its registered users’ information to/with third parties unconnected to the platform. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you recognize, agree and accept that Purotrip can store and disclose your register data and any other information provided by you, if it was required by law or if in good faith we believe that this register, storage or disclosing is reasonably necessary in order to: (1) comply with a legal procedure, including, without an exception, subpoenas for a civil or criminal trial, orders from a courthouse, or any other compulsory disclosures; (2) enforce this Privacy Policy or Terms of Use; (3) respond to complaints regarding the infringement of third parties’ rights; (4) protect the rights, properties or security of Purotrip’s staff, of our users, or of the general public.




In order to carry out the delivery of the purchased services, Purotrip informs that it will transfer your contact information to the purveyors it works with, with the sole purpose of connecting them with the USER, so that both parts can confirm the bookings and payments directly between them.


Likewise, billing, accounting and tax information will be shared with those authorities, regulatory agencies and public administrations with power to rule these matters according to the current laws.




In complying with the current law regarding personal data protection, we inform you that the personal data collected in this website are part of files in charge of PURO TRAVEL S.L., and will be treated according to the purposes described in sections II, III and IV of the present Privacy Policy.


PURO TRAVEL S.L. will not use your personal information for purposes not compatible with those described in this clause. You can exercise your rights of access, redress, cancelation and opposition through the following email address:, sending a copy of your ID card (DNI, NIE or passport) to verify the identity of the person contacting us (according to Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Personal Data Protection).




  1. You will not request login information nor access an account belonging to other user.
  2. You will not use Purotrip to carry out illegal, false, malicious or discriminatory acts.
  3. You will not carry out any action which might disable, overload or affect the normal functioning of this website.
  4. You will not facilitate or encourage the infringement of this Privacy Policy.
  5. You will not provide false information in this website, nor create an account for other people.
  6. If we disable your account for a fair reason, you will not create a new one without our permission.
  7. You will keep your contact information exact and up to date.
  8. You will not share your password, nor will let other person access your account, nor will carry out any actions that might jeopardize your account‘s security, nor will transfer your account to other person.
  9. You will notify the managers of Purotrip any event related to your password, account, infringement of confidentiality of your personal data, danger or menace that you might detect related to the security of the data and the communications, users infringing our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, or any other event related to the security or confidentiality of the information in
  10. You will not carry out actions that infringe upon the secrecy of communications, intellectual or industrial property rights, other users’ privacy, or which are fraudulent.



Purotrip is present on the following social media: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER. Purotrip does not share nor report personal information belonging to its followers, and as manager takes the necessary safety measures and the convenient privacy settings that these social media provide. You can check their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in the following links:









  1. Data encryption: treatment of a group of data, equipped with powerful security and confidentiality tools, in order to prevent any person different to the consignee from reading them.
  2. Cookie: piece of information stored in the system of a user who accesses a website through a browser. They are small files that install themselves in the hard disk or in the browser and help to personalize services, ease the navigation and obtain information from the web visitors.
  3. Junk mail: Electronic messages, usually containing advertising, which are submitted to users who have not requested them or approved its submission. In most cases, they are spread massively through unlawful means to obtain email addresses.
  4. Firewall: A security element that acts as a filter for information packets that go in and out of a system connected to a network, such as the Internet.
  5. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure https: an encoding system that prevents the interception (confidentiality guarantee) or manipulation (integrity guarantee) of information exchanged between a personal computer and a server to which it connects to.
  6. Identity theft: malicious activity by which the user impersonates other person, for a variety of purposes, usually harmful to the impersonated part.
  7. Registered user:natural person who has special rights on some Internet service or application, by identifying himself with a username and a password, previously obtained by registering in the service, whether free of charge or not.
  8. Web user: natural person who surfs the Internet without having to identify himself with a username and password.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction: The present contract is ruled by Spanish Laws. The competent court to resolve any controversy or conflict derived from the present general conditions is the Court of Valencia. The USER expressively waives any other jurisdiction that might be applicable.